Port &Terminal Lighting

Time:2017/7/2  keywords:Terminal Lighting


Using LED lighting is an excellent example of how to increase sustainability and fits in well with the ambitions of the ports and terminals which compete fiercely for container traffic. Those with the most efficient operations stand to win the most business and generate the highest profits. Driving down costs is crucial to remaining competitive. Upgrading to the latest LED lighting technology contributes to terminal cost control.   

The cost benefit calculation was done for replacing the floodlight and high mast lights at a port with LED. The return of invest time of 6,5 years shows, that a replacement would economically be possible. In addition to the high mast lights it would be useful to examine of all lights used at the port to evaluate if a possible replacement in other places would also be possible. 

Although a challenge, upgrading lighting provides opportunities for a port to lower its carbon footprint and energy consumption by becoming greener and more efficient. As ably demonstrated by E-Lite products family, it really is just about finding the right fit for each job.

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