Agriculture Lighting

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Agricultural pursuits such as dairy and poultry farming require nimal-friendly, hygienic, safe and reliable infrastructure. Constant movement and activity, body heat, steam, moisture, dirt and dust demand a lighting system that is easy to clean,impact proof and resistant to ammonium, emissions and corrosion. Operating efficiently is essential to the success of any farm or agricultural holding. Regardless of whether your farm focus on crop growing, poultry or livestock, changing to LED lighting can help you save the cost significantly. Not only would converting to LEDs save you on your lighting bills, it can also enhance the safety and productivity of your farm, your employees as well as your produce.

General lighting is often uniform and may be relatively dim or have low intensity in common areas like livestock stalls, hallways, equipment storages. Animals generally respond to light like humans though each is sensitive to a somewhat different spectrum. Higher light levels lead to increased feed rates. Lower light can reduce aggressiveness in poultry and swine. It can be cost effectively to use artificial light to create longer days to trigger a livestock response. Dairy production can be increased well beyond the costs of energy and inputs.

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